Why Laser Tag?

  • Experience the action-packed adrenaline rush of combat, simply through the firing of infrared lasers
  • Encourage workplace bonding and develop your team with a gripping, challenging, physical, heart-pumping adventure activity.
  • Bring the digital world of videogames to life and engagein action-packed combat without the mess or pain of paintballing.

How does it all work?

To play Laser Tag, players are kitted out with one of our state-of-the-art guns and a headband fitted with sensors.

Through a variety of challenges, such as ‘Capture the Flag’, and in a range of scenarios, including team play and each-for-their-own survival of the fittest, players seek out their opponents, dive behind barriers under heavy laser-fire, and think tactically to win the game.

Sniper, machine gun or short-range rifle? We can change the sound effects, reload time, gun power and number of lives each player has so each experience is unique.

Why Us?

  • The Laser Tag UK Team are experts on the battlefield, with 15-years of industry experience to bring to your game.
  • We are based in North Somerset but bring the Laser Tag to you, anywhere across the South West of England.
  • We bring exclusivity to your game – you get our staff, guns and location all to yourself!
  • Our friendly and all-inclusive approach will give you a truly enjoyable experience, whether you’re a Laser Tag novice or experienced combat pro.